Polietylen (PE)

Polythene (PE)
Polythene is a half-crystal polymer with wide range of usage, with sources of specific chemical build, notably derivative of polymerization process. According to molecular build chain, molecular mass and density we can distinguish following polythene types:

PE-LLD - polythene with small linear density
PE-LD - polythene with small density
PE-LMD - polythene with average density
PE-HD - polythene with high density (PE 300)
PE-HD-HMW - polythene with high density, high molecular (PE 500)
PE-HD-UHMV - polythene with high density, top molecular high (PE 1000)

PE plates are high flexible, resistant for chemicals and waterproof. They are also good material for machining, welding. Can be application in: playground, swimming-pool's locker rooms, in production of water and chemicals tanks...

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