ELPI offers products and intermediate products special for sector of industry, advertising, promotion.
We are the company which produces articles from diversified materials, for example: PLEXI, DIBOND, PCV, PP, PE, PC and TIMBER, PLYWOOD, MDF.

It is really important that we are the PRODUCER, not a sales agency. This is one of our assets, but we have also other advantages. We want to mention that we have existed on the market since many years, we are experienced and open-minded  for technical and material news.
All our products are precise designed and hand-picked for individual customer, for his specific activity. The price is always suitable of quality.
We exploit only materials on the highest quality, gained from trusted suppliers.  Good materials together with modern technical facilities guarantee the excellent quality of our products.

We use cutting- engraving lasers with work surface about 160x100cm and 150x120 cm, the miller cnc with work surface about 300x200cm and the plotter for cutting foil width 136 cm and we still are developing...

The company is registered since 2007, the company is run by Elzbieta Bałdych and Piotr Gradus.
The following registration details and contact to the company:

ELPI - Elżbieta Bałdych, Piotr Gradus Spółka Jawna
ul. Rybnicka 72, 52-016 Wrocław
mobile: +48 693 15 88 33 | +48 602 27 45 52
biuro: 48 71 750 63 00 | fax: 48 71 750 63 07
e-mail: biuro@elpi.wroclaw.pl
NIP: 8992627225, REGON: 020662429, KRS: 0000295827

Adres: Dane kontaktowe ws. oferty dedykowanej: Dane kontaktowe ws. projektów CNC:
ELPi - E. Bałdych, P. Gradus Spółka Jawna
ul Rybnicka 72
52-016 Wrocław, Polska
E: biuro@elpi.wroclaw.pl
Stanisław Bałdych
T: +48 664 760 906
E: s.baldych@elpi.wroclaw.pl
Jakub Bałdych
T: +48 666 573 023
E: k.baldych@elpi.wroclaw.pl